Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server: Helping Software Development Teams Manage Their Projects

Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server is a tool that is designed to help software development companies effectively manage their projects. This system helps to streamline the data that is exchanged across their team and to minimize the time that is wasted during the development process. Since the focus on particular areas is defined, they can be more effective in this process.

Software development teams will also be able to trace the events that have taken place to get to their current level of design. During this time, they will be able to track the progress of each member and determine what areas are flawed. This can lead to more accountability among their team and help them to continue the design plan they have in place for their custom software development.

Software development companies will also find that they are able to effectively handle their business thanks to the version control and integration that it offers. They will find that not only will the employees handling their software have the chance to label and shelve items, but they will be able to merge designs as well to help ensure that the software being exchanged is the most up to date offering on their server. They can perform source code maintenance that will help the system to operate more effectively as well.

With the project management features, they will have the chance to track their backlog and calculate the velocity that their team is producing. The software also allows them to break down their project so it is easier to track in terms of completion estimations. This information can then be handled in the SCRUM, MSF for Agile and CMMI templates. Additionally, the support for the waterfall and Agile methodologies is fully supported.

Because of the features that it offers, development teams will find that any custom software development that is done can be handled in a more effective manner. Teams will have the chance to collaborate more effectively with the Team Foundation Server, resulting in more on time projects that are better executed and planned in the process. Keep in mind that while there may be some minor risks that they can experience with this software, such as problems handling the complexity of the software or a setup that is too complex for some, this shouldn’t be a major issue. With proper training, development teams will find that this software can be effective and easy for most tech savvy individuals to use.