Windows Care Tool Removal Tutorial – How To Get Rid Of This Virus For Good

Windows Care Tool is a newly created and released virus program that is currently spreading throughout the internet. Already, this application has infected thousands of computers and if the rate of infection is to be used as a gauge, Windows Care Tool is poised to poison more PCs. Developed by savvy hackers from either Asia or Russia, this virus’s ultimate goal is to make unwitting users purchase upgrades that are utterly useless. If your computer is infected by Windows Care Tool, you need to institute removal steps right away otherwise this virus will just continuously harm your system.

What Is This Virus?

Windows Care Tool falls into the class of malicious or malware applications. It will enter your system without your consent and approval. This virus program is able to penetrate computers by stealth by piggybacking on email attachments, websites, links, and downloads.

Though poorly programmed, this virus is fast acting and once successfully embedded in your PC will infect processes left and right. It would load a fake scanning tool that not surprisingly will display made up scanning results. Windows Care Tool will try to trick you into believing that your PC is flooded with viruses and is about to crash. It will then tell you that the only way that you can quickly get rid of these “threats” in your computer is to purchase a certain full service pack which is also fraudulent. You should not trust this program as it is only meant to skim off money illegally from you. All its claims are lies and fabricated.

How To Get Rid Of This Virus From Your PC

There are two ways to remove Windows Care Tool from your system – which is to either manually delete all the parts of the software from your system, or use a piece of software to automatically get rid of it for you. We’ve found that if you’re technically minded, you should be able to restart your system into “Safe Mode” and then delete the various files it will be using to run. However, many people find that the virus will spring back onto their screen thanks to a large number of hidden “backup” files it uses. This leads us to recommend using a malware removal tool to successfully get rid of it.

The more convenient way to removing this threat in your computer is to use an antimalware program, which is an application that is specially designed to seek and destroy viruses and malware infections in PCs. One good example of such an application is Frontline Rogue Remover. With this tool, you can quickly and completely remove Windows Care Tool from your system.