Runtime 339 OCX Errors Fix – How To Repair These Errors For Good

Runtime 339 OCX Errors or more specifically threed32.ocx errors are problems that surround the Sheridon 3D controls which are intended to load up a huge number of significant 3D settings for your computer. The threed32.ocx file is needed by many 3D applications more specifically 3D games. The errors are primarily caused by the file threed32.ocx becoming damaged or missing rendering Windows unable to process the file properly. Runtime 339 errors can be fixed easily using this easy-to-follow tutorial.

What Is Runtime Error 339?

The runtime 339 OCX errors typically appear in these formats:

  • “threed32.ocx Not Found”
  • “This application failed to start because threed32.ocx was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.”
  • “Cannot find threed32.ocx”
  • “The file threed32.ocx is missing.”
  • “Cannot start threed32.ocx. A required component is missing: threed32.ocx. Please install the application again.”

The various error notifications can be caused by different problems, but are primarily caused by the threed32.ocx file becoming corrupted or damaged. The file could have been replaced by an older version or replaced by a virus infection using the same name. The errors usually appear when you attempt to use programs that require the Sheridon 3D controls, mostly 3D games. To be able to resolve the problem, you need to identify the source of the problem.

How To Fix Runtime Error 339

The way to get rid of the frustrating runtime 339 OCX errors on your PC requires you to re-install applications that cause the error notifications to appear on your screen, ensuring that the threed32.ocx file is working properly and removing viruses from your PC. The first thing you need to do is re-install all applications that gives the error by removing it first then running the file installer. To remove such programs, you need to click Start> Control Panel> Add/Remove Programs and wait for the list to be populated. Select the application from the list and then click the “Remove” button. Follow the uninstall wizard, if there is any, and restart your computer afterwards. Insert your disc installer onto your optical drive and begin the installation by running the file installer. system run very slow.

In order to resolve the pesky runtime 339 OCX errors, it’s recommended you clean out the registry by using a registry cleaner program that can scan your system thoroughly in detecting broken registry keys and repair them. We highly recommend that you download the “Frontline Registry Cleaner” program and use its many features in fixing 99% of system errors and faults allowing you to quickly restore the health of your PC and make it run fast again.