Qualcomm Releases New Dual-Core Processor for Panel Tablet PC Market

Qualcomm releases a new dual-processor for tablet PC market, said the report on Feb 11th. The main competitors will be Texas Instruments and Nvidia’s similar products.

APQ8086 processor launched by Qualcomm will be adopted in HP TouchPad tablet PC which released on Wednesday. Steve Mollenkopf, the CEO of Qualcomm, said on Thursday that manufacturers will adopt this chip into more than 20 models of tablet PC.

He did not give more details of the chip but he indicated that since Qualcomm’s clients cover both traditional handsets manufacturers and traditional PC manufacturers who are increasingly paying attention to the market. So it has advantages in both aspects.

Hewlett-Packard attached great importance to TouchPad tablet PC which will be released this summer and this is a great victory for Qualcomm. Since the latest processor is a kind of Snapdragon series, it is a good support for High Definition and 3D video.

Year to date, Tegra 2 processor of Nvidia has been in the leading position for tablet computer design. What’s more, the growth of market share of this processor is up to 50% since the end of last year. Early this week, Texas Instruments announced that they will launch a new dual-core processor, the latest mobile processor OMAP 5, in the second half of last year for tablet computer and mobile phone manufacturers.

These three mobile processors are all based on ARM energy conservation frame. By so far, the majority of manufacturers tend to avoid the use of Intel mobile processor in tablet PC, for Intel was regarded as weakened version of PC processor with higher energy consumption. It was predicted that Intel will release its new mobile processor in the first half of the year. The related integrated circuit is BCM3345KPB.