Bssdk DLL Errors Fix – How To Repair These Errors For Good

Bssdk DLL Errors Fix – How To Repair These Errors For Good

Bssdk.dll is a dynamic link library file manufactured by IVT for BlueSoleil software, and is especially necessary for Bluetooth applications. While this file is essential, it also causes error problems from time to time. The file will post error messages during the installation of programs or sometimes when you are running certain applications. Usually though, you see the messages when Windows is starting up or when you are about to shut down the PC. A problem with this file indicates a larger mess of corruption, infection or misplacement of files in the registry or in the computer system folders. In order to affect repairs for this error, you need to find out what the source is and then repair it so the messages will stop showing up. The instructions on this page will teach you the effective way to deal with bssdk.dll error messages.

What Causes Bssdk.dll Errors?

Notification of the bssdk.dll error is normally shown like this:

  • “Cannot start ivt BsSDK. A required component is missing: bssdk.dll. Please install the application again”.

This is telling you that the bssdk.dll file is necessary to run corresponding applications but because it has somehow become inaccessible, the application cannot be loaded. From this, we can gather that the file is either damaged or missing, or its registry settings are corrupted, all of which make the file inaccessible and unreadable to the system. Learn to repair the problems by reading the tutorial below.

How To Fix bssdk.dll errors

Because the most common source of the problem is with an application rather than the file itself, the first thing to do is the re-install the application that prompts the error message to show up. Identify which one it is and search for it by going to START > Control Panel > Add/ Remove Programs(if you use Vista and Windows 7 the last tab will be “Programs and Features”). In the list that will appear, locate the program causing the errors and then click REMOVEor UNINSTALL.This will start the uninstallation wizard and you will just have to follow its instructions. Upon finishing the process, restart your computer. Finally, you can insert the CD installer or download the application from the internet to install it again.

The final big source of bssdk.dll errors is with the registry. The settings here, which are used by Windows to remember how programs and files are configured, often get damaged or corrupted after undergoing sustained use. If this happens, it can cause programs not to work and errors to show up. To prevent this scenario, you need to keep the registry well maintained. Cleaning the registry manually is hard work and time consuming, and so it’s recommended to use a tool to do it for you. You can download a tool like the Frontline Registry Cleaner to effectively clean the registry of error causing issues. It will also maintain this vital database to prevent further errors. Simply download it, install and run. You will find that 99% of your errors disappear in seconds