4 Reasons Why You Need to Make Gold on Cataclysm Fast

Hundreds of thousands of WoW players are still clueless as to why they should always aim to make gold on Cataclysm fast. In almost every video game, the biggest mistake that players tend to commit is that they do not read before they act. They jump in on the game and discover aspects of the game a little too late.

If you want to go against elite players, you have to read ahead. Playing WoW is like playing a sport. You have to train and make preparations. You can only do this by knowing the rationale behind every action you are being required to do in the game.

Here are the main reasons why you need to make gold on the World of Warcraft:

First, Warcraft is swarming with trainers. They can train you to learn more skill and abilities. They can develop what you already know and they can teach you new things. The drawback is that their service comes with a price. You can never advance in the game if you do not go for the mentioned training.

Next, this third expansion requires you to finish a number of quests. While on these quests, you will have to fight with monsters and mobs. You will need to buy a better armor which will serve as your protection. You can not expect your character to go up to a higher level especially that it will have to withstand tougher challenges.

Likewise, you will also need to buy expensive weapons that can damage and kill all sorts of enemies you may come across with. If ever they come in large a group, which is not impossible, you will need to kill a large number with a single strike of the weapon. Again, you can not do this with a cheap weapon in hand.

Blizzard Entertainment also allows the use of flying mounts. This was not possible with the first two installments of the game. You will need to buy this mount so you won’t have to run to the places you need to go to.

Truly, having adequate gold will help you progress more quickly in the game. Remember to take advantages of all the opportunities that you have. Do not give your opponents a slight chance of winning.