What Is Prepaid Mobile Internet, And How Can It Work For You?

Prepaid mobile Internet was once rare. However, as word has spread of the advantages to this kind of plan, such plans have become quite popular. They are easy to find now – indeed, such plans are readily available throughout Australia, Europe, North America and other places. But what exactly is a prepaid package for online services, and how can you benefit from one?

When you pay in advance for your mobile Internet, you turn your smartphone, tablet, MP3 player or other mobile device into a kind of modem, so that you can surf the web on that device. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still manage to get the Internet on your mobile phone, but your Internet service will be much slower. When you pay ahead of time for Internet on a smartphone or other “smart” device, that Internet may be referred to as “Prepaid Wireless Broadband”. On a non-smart mobile device, however, the “broadband” term usually doesn’t apply. Note, too, that when you prepay for an Internet plan, chances are you’ll pay for data in units such as megabytes or kilobytes.

The kind of person who would derive the most savings from this kind of plan is a light to moderate user of mobile Internet. Heavy data users, in contrast, would probably save money paying for unlimited mobile Internet every month.

It is wise, before you decide on which mobile Internet provider to buy minutes or data from, to compare and contrast prices. That’s because a similar amount of data can cost significantly more with one carrier than another. It’s important, too, to continually stay abreast of prices. That way, if one carrier suddenly drops the price of its prepaid plans, you’ll be ready to make the switch and enjoy the savings. Stay on top of the latest technological advances in mobile Internet, too. You don’t want to be left behind if other carriers start offering an exciting new technology while your regular carrier does not provide that feature.

You may have to decide between 3G Internet and 4G Internet. 4G can offer faster rates of online content delivery, but if you’re satisfied with 3G Internet, or if you intend to use your mobile Internet in places where 4G networks are not yet available, then you might discover you’re eligible for savings by opting for the prepaid 3G route.

Finally, you might choose to prepay for Internet minutes for a comparatively short period of time. For instance, if you are going on a week-long vacation, you might purchase seven days’ worth of mobile Internet so you can surf the web at an affordable rate during that time. Just make sure that the spot to which you’ll be traveling is covered under your prepaid Internet package.