Top 5 Things You Should Be Aware of When Purchasing Refurbished or Used Technology Products

Paying attention to the following five items can help insure you get the product or service you need.

1. Make sure all refurbished or used products are guaranteed and eligible for maintenance with the manufacturer or third party provider. You may want to consider the alternatives and the cost of self-maintaining your products if you have the staff to do so.

2. The vendor you choose should be able to meet your needs for most major system platforms and networking products. Your provider should offer all the name brand hardware including IBM, SUN, HP and Proliant hardware as well as networking products from Cisco. In addition, new peripherals, disk, memory and processor upgrades should be available.

3. If you have excess hardware from a previous project in your data center, or you are in the middle of a server consolidation or process re-engineering project, that vendor should be able to offer to buy the equipment from you or take it in trade. Many vendors are glad to purchase this equipment without linking it to your purchase.

4. The representative assigned to your account should be cross-trained on all major platforms and have the knowledge to make recommendations about your purchase. IT environments change often and data centers are now integrated with many different product lines. You want to be able to speak with a person that can make sure your systems are configured properly for your environment.

5. The vendor you use should be a member of your team. They should understand your technology needs and their suppliers should be committed to your success. That vendor should be able to deliver the products and services you need, when you need them. You should trust that company to deliver on time and on budget.