The Perfect Address Label Printer and More

The Perfect Address Label Printer and More

The Dymo Labelwriter 450 Turbo is a compact PC-linked printer accompanied by Dymo V8 label software. This printer comes with a mains power adapter and a USB cable, 35 x 90 mm roll of address labels, a head cleaning card and a quick start guide.

The software, Label V8, is very user friendly with an attractive design window and icons along the top and tab selections on the left. All the templates for each compatible label are pre-loaded too. Also included in this tab is a CD label with instant layouts; three file folders labels; one badge label; and an assortment of multi-purpose labels, including a VHS/spine.

The “Designer” or the second tab contains all the objects needed to make labels on your own. These objects can be dragged to the label or double-clicked to start making your design. Some of the objects are listed below.

1. The capability of importing addresses from your email address book.

2. Fixed text can be typed into a static text box.

3. There is an automatic counter for the serial numbering.

4. You pick the format of the date and time stamp based on 12 or 24 hour clock.

5. Eighteen barcodes to choose from for the barcode stamp.

6. A shape object that will help you insert an oblong, square, oval, circle, vertical or horizontal line plus the thickness or grayscale of the interior.

7. An image object which you can insert a picture, Windows clip-board content, or telephone default image.

8. Top arc, bottom arc or full circle for circular text.

9. Ninety-four symbols in a gallery ready for easy access.

The software has some downfalls. One is the zoom slider that magnifies the entire window which is only good if you have bad eyesight or an outsized monitor.

One of the other kickers is the “Mirror Image” which appears to produce the mirror reflection but after you rotate it 180 degrees, the result is the same as you started with.

The printer itself is awesome and does a great job. The smallest font size is 4pt and the largest is anything that can fit on the label. The printer only takes twelve seconds to print ten regular address labels. If you were to take away the two seconds of download time, it prints a label per second.

The printer has the serrated blade that will mark the label with a good clean perforation.

The printer also has the back-feed button that allows you to separate the label before removing the roll from the printer.

There is not an on/off switch but a ‘low power” mode that will kick in after a period of being idle.

A manual is not included because the printer is so easy to use and the software includes detailed help files. This is the way to go if you are not computer literate.