Power for Laptop on the Go!

ASUS is derived from the word Pegasus, which means the winged horse in Greek Mythology which symbolizes art and learning. ASUS is known for making creative and good quality laptops. The chargers manufactured by ASUS are of very high quality and have been tested in conditions which other manufacturers would never dare to test. ASUS chargers symbolizes good power and quality.

ASUS chargers are very durable and strong. This is the reason why it was able to pass the various test conditions it had to face. They are one of the best in the global market.


It is a very trustworthy power source for your laptop device in the car. It has a compact design which is essential for a charger on the go. It gives a seamless power solution, no matter wherever you are going. Just plug it in and you no longer have to worry about your laptop going out of charge during long distance car journeys. The charger simply needs to be connected to a car’s A/C adapter and any laptop can be charged with ease.


ASUS laptop chargers are one of a kind in its category. They have the capability to withstand even a scientific space trip for a time period of more than a year. With time, the efficiency and quality of ASUS chargers have been increasing. ASUS manufacture AC DC laptop chargers especially for laptops manufactured by ASUS itself.

It is very important to maintain ASUS chargers in order to get optimum performance from it continuously. There are several ways to maintain ASUS chargers. They are as follows:

a) The adapter should be regularly cleaned with the help of a cotton swab and alcohol. This ensures a proper connection between the charger and the laptop.

b) The laptop charger should not be left unused for a long period of time. It should be used at least once in two or three weeks.

c) If the laptop charger is not going to be used for a month or more, it should be carefully stored in a cool, dry and clean place away from metal objects, and it should not be exposed to heat.

Laptop chargers manufactured by ASUS have two main ratings on them – volt and amperes. While buying a charger, the charger with the maximum milliamperes should be selected. This will give the consumer optimum and efficient performance.

Such chargers are easily available at wholesale prices in China which are of high quality and gives maximum performance.