Discover TheIDXpert Today

Discover TheIDXpert Today

The Brady IDXpert label printer is built to stand up to the rough working conditions of the industrial professionals and a hard plastic case is included. Each version has a manual cutter and there are two versions, the desk-top and the hand-held version. This label printer has interchangeable cartridges which helps the technician label things in their line of work.

This Brady IDXpert has been configured to work with two main menus; one being the General ID and one being the DataComm& T-Block. Plus this printer contains regular die-cut, continuous and self-laminating wire markers. The label printer will also print terminal block identification strips, auto-serial numbering, and heat-shrink sleeves.

There is only one font used with this label printer than ranges in size from 4 to over 100 point. This font is used so there is no confusion between the numbers and the letters being printed. The label content can be printed vertically, horizontally and can be rotated at 90 degree intervals. There is also the feature that the text can be duplicated on the label as many times as will fit which is used for cable markers. This makes is easier to be read from any view of the cable.

This system allows for upper and lower case letters that can be formed in the numbers for the serial numbering. The one set back is the one option that limits serial numbering only in increments of one. The good part is that when the printing resumes it can pick up where the numbering left off.

Two different bar codes can be generated: the code 39 and the code 128 and the codes width set in two presets along with the height that can be adjusted in steps of a few millimeters at a time.

The date/time stamp is generated at the time of print which is another great feature of this printer and is said to be very useful for PAR Test Labeling.

The memory of this label printer will hold up to ten label designs and their associated cartridge types plus up to 95 repeats can be printed. There is a battery state indicator and a choice of using millimeters or inches. The system requires AA batteries but the label printer can also use the mains power adaptor, which neither one is not included.

There is a “smart cell” incorporated in the IDXpert and it allows the printer to automatically detect the type of cartridge inserted. Once this smart cell has been detected then the printer will adapt its options on the menu accordingly. It is advised to be very careful as you change the cartridges because the pair of contact springs is very vulnerable and they are what communicate the information to the printer from the cartridges.

The manual indicates that the printer can be connected to the computer using an USB cord but it is misleading because installing this driver only allows the firmware to upgrade through the web. On the brighter side, if you wish to design labels on your PC, then you can purchase the proper software from Brady called MarkWare.