Discover The Perfect Thermal Labeller

Discover The Perfect Thermal Labeller

The stand-alone thermal label printer that was designed for the professional is the Brady IDXpert. The printer and its hard plastic case were built to stand up to those industrial working conditions. This IDXpert comes in two different versions, one being the desk-top and the other is the hand-held, each one comes with a manual cutter. The electrician and engineer can label patch panels, faceplates, and cables in the domestic or industrial world, and it can identify racks, bays and frames in a data center environment and in a public network.

There are two main menus that can configure the printer. One is the “General ID” and the other being the “DataComm& T-Block Menu.” Not only can the IDXpert label printer label regular die-cut, continuous, and self-laminating wire markers for both wrap and glad types; the label printer can print identification strips for the terminal block with a choice of separator and a choice for auto-serial numbering. You can also print up to a size 6 gauge or 0.32 inches in diameter heat-shrink sleeve.

There is no dilemma in choosing the font to use because this IDXpert only offers one scalable font in bold or regular from size 4 pt to 100 pt. This font can be reproduced in independent lines and a good range of accented characters are available. This font is used because there is no confusion between letters and numbers and numbers that appear to resemble letters. The content of the label can be rotated in ninety degree increments or can be justified vertically or horizontally. Text can be duplicated as many times as will fit on the label by the help of the auto-repeat feature. This is a good feature for the wrap type cable markers so they can be identified by viewing from any angle.

The serial numbering is very simple and it limits the increments of just one but you can resume printing from the last number if you need to. This only allows for one numbering system per label. This system is also alphanumeric which allows upper and lower case letters to form part of the numbers.

Another feature of this IDXpert label printer is the ability to generate two types of bar codes; code 39 and code 128. Another very useful feature is the date/time stamp which is generated at the time of print.

There is a maximum of 95 repeats of multiple copies of a label and up to ten designs can be saved in the memory with their associated cartridge types. This IDXpert label printer gives you a choice of inches or millimeters and requires six AA batteries or uses a mains power adaptor but neither one is supplied.

The keyboard comes in two versions, the conventional QWERTY and the alphabetical keyboard. You can print upper and lower case but there is no way of knows which mode until you type something. There is also a lack of mode indication in the serial numbering also but there isn’t really anything that prevents it from ranking as an asset for the technician.