Videos Inaccessible After Memory Card Error Messages

Digital cameras or camcorders allow you to electronically capture or record your beautiful memories in the form of videos or pictures. These digital devices use different kinds of memory cards (SD, MMC, SDHC, etc.) to store these multimedia files. While the data stored in these digital storage media is secure, corruption can occur due to various factors like, interrupted read-write process, virus hits, or file system damage. A major hazard that a photographer encounters after card corruption is inaccessibility of data. To nullify such issues, a photographer should always maintain an updated backup. But, not all the photographers create a regular backup. For them, an advanced third-party Video Recovery Software acts as a boon.

Below are few common error messages that pop up when the card gets corrupted:

Card error

A Media Card has been inserted that contains errors

Card has wrong format

Display of any of the above error message on the screen of your digital camera or camcorder means that your card has been corrupted. Additionally, the files stored in the memory become inaccessible, as the digital camera fails to read the data after any of the above error message.


Corruption in memory can either happen due to logical or physical reasons. For recovery of data from a physically damaged cards, you will need to send the physically damaged card to a reputed Data Recovery organization that has good experience in recovering data from a physically damaged memory card.

For logically corrupted memory card, you will need to format the memory card using the camera. Formatting a card primarily results in deleting the data stored on your memory. To recover the lost data after formatting, you will need to search for a powerful third-party Video Recovery utility. Such tools are specifically designed to salvage data by using high-end scanning algorithms. These Video Recovery utilities can be used by any user, as they do not require any technical knowledge.

Stellar Data Recovery Inc. is one of the biggest brands in providing effective data recovery services. The experts at Stellar use latest tools to recover maximum data from a corrupt memory. The company has also developed a powerful application for recovering data after logical crash scenarios.

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery recovers data from a formatted memory card in just three simple steps. The Video Recovery Software comes highly graphical user documentation that guides the photographer to perform the repair process. Compatible with Windows and Mac OS, the read only software supports recovery all file formats including AVI, MOV, ASF, WMV, etc.