Time Capsule – The Ultimate Form of Document Storage

Time Capsule – The Ultimate Form of Document Storage

Computers have made our lives simpler, but it hasn’t made it as simple as some people would have you believe. PC’s are prone to errors and crashing which is why more and more people are moving across to Apple Mac’s. The company has gone from strength to strength since Steve Jobs has rejoined the company as Chairman. The iPod and iPhone has managed to take the world by storm and give them a new foothold in the marketplace.

The only thing that is stopping Apple’s global domination is the price of the machines, there are no doubts that the machines are a technical masterpiece, but PC’s are just so cheap that most businesses can’t justify the extra expenditure.

One very clever feature on Apple machines is a document storage feature called time capsule. This basically creates a backup of the system at given time intervals allowing the user to recover accidentally deleted or missing files from the system. Windows have also tried to implement a form of document storage recovery; their version was called recovery point although the main issue with this was that it required the user to manually initiate the snapshot.

Of course windows users claim that they already have a document storage utility called the recycle bin. Which is of course very true, but again it doesn’t really solve the main problem that time capsule addresses. Time capsule is there to enable you to recover files and documents after you have accidentally deleted them. It is like having a library on your hard disk with a member of staff filing all your work away. At any one time when you realise that you have misplaced this file you could wander into your imaginary document storage library walk up to the member of staff and enquire if you could borrow the file.

If Apple continues to come up with innovative and pioneering products then the company is only going to continue to gain momentum against their bitter rivals at Microsoft, who appears to have taken a step backwards since Bill Gates stepped down as Chairman. Will we ever see a day when everyone goes into work and operates an Apple machine? I don’t know if that day will ever come, as mentioned before cost is always an issue. But with more and more disgruntled customers turning their backs on Windows Vista and Windows 7 it seems like Microsoft will have to do something quickly to stop the rote.