Recovering Lost Pictures From Nikon Coolpix S203

With 10.34 mega pixel, electronic VR vibration reduction, 5-level brightness adjustment, 3x optical zoom, and TFT LCD, Nikon Coolpix s203 fulfills all the demands of any photographer. The digital camera has an inbuilt memory of 44MB and an external memory slot made for all kinds of SD (Secure Digital) cards. The data stored in both the storage media becomes inaccessible once they get corrupted due to logical or physical reasons. To access the data once the media is damaged, you can restore the data from an updated backup. But, if you have not maintained any backup or the backup file itself is corrupted, then you will need to use advanced third-party Picture recovery software to recover the lost data.

Few error messages that you might encounter after the storage media (either the internal memory or SD card) of Nikon Coolpix s203 gets damaged are mentioned below:

“This card cannot be used”


“This card cannot be read”


“Image cannot be saved”

After any of the above error message pops up, the files saved in the storage media become inaccessible. Furthermore, you can not even click any new pictures as the digital camera does not allow you to surpass the error message.


To resolve the above error messages, you will need to check the following parameters:

1.The inserted memory card is compatible with the camera.

2.The connectors are clean.

3.The memory card is correctly inserted.

If all the parameters are correct and you are still receiving any of the above errors, then you will need to format the internal memory and the memory card. While a common belief is that the formatting deletes all the data, the truth is that it doesn’t. The data remains intact on the memory card, its just the installation of a new file system. The data from a formatted storage media can be easily recovered using an effective Digital picture recovery software

These third-party recovery tools can recover deleted photos from a formatted media by incorporating powerful scanning algorithms. These tools do not harm the original data, as they are non-destructive in nature.

This software not only recovers data from formatted media, but also the data that is accidentally deleted. The recovery software is competent enough to recover deleted pictures from every memory card including SD, XD, and MMC. Supported by both Windows and Mac OS, the software is compatible with almost all multimedia file formats, like, GIF, RAW, JPEG, and BMP.