How to Recover Files After Formatting Using Data Rescue Software

Accidentally formatting a hard drive and losing data can be a real pain. If you will not immediately rescue your files, then you might lose your important data permanently. Fortunately, there are technologies today that can recover files after format. Here are some practical tips on how to rescue your files from a formatted data drive.

Use Data Recovery Software

One of the easiest ways to recover your files from a recently formatted data drive is to use recovery software. There are lots of applications today that can rescue your files quickly.

To test the software’s capabilities, it would be best to try the demo version first. Most trial versions will show you what files can be recovered from a formatted drive. Unfortunately, trial versions will not allow you to actually rescue or retrieve the files. You need to purchase the commercial full version to proceed with data recovery. You can opt to use freeware recovery applications but they do not have the powerful features of commercial software.

Before you start recovering your files, it is important to install the software on another partition of your drive. You can also use a separate computer to run the software and use the formatted drive as a separate storage device of the secondary computer. Installing the file recovering software on the reformatted drive could overwrite your files which could make the rescue effort more complicated and difficult.

The data recovery software can rescue your files automatically. Just use the Wizard of the software to start the process.

Lost File Recovery Services

A safer approach is to bring your formatted drive to a data recovery lab. Data recovery services can restore all or some of your files in the formatted drive. It would be best to look for a local data recovery service so you can get your files immediately. If there are none, then look for an online service and simply ship your hard drive to its lab. Normally, your drive will be returned to you with the recovered files after a couple of days. For complicated recovery, the process could take weeks.