Fix a Computer Crash in a Jiffy

Fix a Computer Crash in a Jiffy

Does your computer crash too much? Do you want to fix computer crash by your own? If yes then all you need to do is just simply follow certain steps. But before getting into that you have to understand the basic reason for the computer crash. But even before that, you have to understand the exact time in which your system calls for help before the actual crash.

Whenever your computer is going to crash it gives you certain signals which you have to understand. First sign will be your computer will shut down and start up automatically.

Second sign will be your computer will restart again and again. Third sign will be that very rapidly your computer will freeze and it won’t work. All this are the signs which the computer will give you, telling you that it needs help as it is going to crash.

Now the basic question comes, how can you fix computer crash? Well it’s pretty easy; all you have to do is just follow some simple steps. At first shut down your computer then start it. In the beginning it might not start so here you can start it in the safe mode.

Once your computer gets started, just fix all the problems related to the registry. Actually here registry means the windows registry which is considered as the main database, which all other applications in the computer use. So the problem might be here which is causing your computer to crash.

So to clear all the problems related to the registry just get the best software of registry cleaner. This software will first scan the whole registry then seek out all the problems related to it. It is so good that it even deletes the unwanted and unused files too. This is because even, unused files can be the reason for computer crashing.

So next time whenever your computer gets crashed, just fix computer crash with the best registry cleaner and see the magic itself. Your computer will start working again. However before you get the registry cleaner software, don’t forget to get the back up of all your files before your computer crashes.