Starcraft 2 3v3 Guide – How To Easily Dominate 3v3 Battles In SC2

Looking for a good Starcraft 2 3v3 guide that you can use to begin owning at Starcraft 2? I’m going over a couple tips that can really help you out, so let’s get started.

How A Good 3v3 Team Works

Each game is very unique, but there are definitely similarities that you can see when you look at games being played. For one, a lot of the players and teams work in synchronization, meaning that they are all working with one “overall strategy.” Sure, each player may have their own unique short-term goal and tactic, but the strategy should be team-wide. You should know whether you’re going to rush player A, B, or C first – or if you’re going to work together to draw their armies somewhere and then push them somewhere else. Just make sure that whatever strategy you choose, you are all on the same page.

Two Rush, One Expand? Two Expand, One Rush?

There are a few variations of this, but it’s great when you want to take the heat off of one of you in the early stages of the game. You can even do this as a precautionary tactic by rushing your opponents before they can counter attack. Even if your attack isn’t successful, you should probably at least have sent a message that warns them about your readiness to fight early. Also, if you can even knock out a few of the gatherers on one of their teams you will reap the benefits by halting their economy even slightly.

Watch Videos to Learn Proper Tactics

Expert teams work together all the time, and the best thing that you can do is learn from them by watching their videos. Searching online or looking on a Starcraft forum will definitely give you a great taste. What you should be looking for is build orders, how they attack together, what they do when they are attacked (copying their reaction is key,) and just an overall awareness that they have will be great to try to adapt to.

Using The Best Step by Step Strategy Guide to Learn How to Dominat 3v3 Battles

Here’s a great resource that has awesome videos and written strategies that you can check out right now, and it really outlines all you need to know in a great detailed Starcraft 2 3v3 guide.