Final Fantasy 14 Miner Guide – Guide To Power Leveling Your Miner In FF14 Online

Are you playing as the Miner in FF14 online? Want to learn how to level up in the quickest way possible? Well, if you want to learn how to get the most of EXP the fastest way possible, here are a couple of things you will want to know.

Use Your Miner’s Abilities To Level Up Quickly

Every gathering class has a unique ability that can help them further their character. When you are using your Miner, you have the ability to track down items that you want. Use this to your advantage when you are doing Fieldcraft leves.

These quests require that you find the appropriate items to complete the quest. So by using your Miner’s ability to track it down, you will be able to quickly completed lots of Fieldcraft leves.

Find The Large Mobs To Farm

It is because this game is an MMORPG that you will have to spend lots of time grinding and killing monsters. To speed up this process and to gain as much EXP as you can quickly, you will need to know where to find large mobs to farm.

Fighting large mobs can be very difficult on your hit points, however this will decrease the lag time between finding another monster to kill resulting in more EXP for your character.

It is recommended to bring lots of potions and even party up with a friend or two if you find a really good spawn to grind in.

Learn Exactly How To Power Level Your Miner With The Chrono Guide

Do you want to learn exactly how to power level your miner? If you want to learn exactly how to reach level 50 in the quickest way possible, I highly recommend that you use the FF14 Chrono Guide.

The Chrono guide is made from all the best strategies and tactics that the top beta players have been using to propel them to level 50 the quickest way possible. This guide will teach you all these secrets through step-by-step instructions and detailed screen shots.

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