Final Fantasy 14 Macro Guide – How To Effectively Use And Set Up Your Macro In FF14

Do you want to learn how to macro efficiently and effectively in Final Fantasy 14? Learning how to do this can enable you to perform many actions at one time. So if you want to learn how to macro, here are a couple of things you will want to do.

How To Effectively Set Up And Use Your Macro Commands

Before we get into showing how to perform many actions at one time, you will need to know how to set up your keyboard.

First open your menu and go into Configuration, then click on settings next to the Macros button. Right now, you are able to create 50 new key commands for CTRL and 50 more for ALT.

You can even change the icon to your liking. All you need to do is click on the button next to where you would type the name of your command. When you click on the button, it will open up 4 pages of icons for you to choose from.

When setting up your command, there are two important things to remember. The first is that each word must be capitalized and secondly, you must enclose your command within quotations. Without quotations, you will not be able to trigger the command.

To use your new macro, all you need to do is press and hold CTRL or ALT, then the appropriate number on your tool bar. You have 10 rows to work with so you can mix it up and customize everything to your liking.

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