An Engineering Leveling Guide For New World of Warcraft Players

An Engineering Leveling Guide For New World of Warcraft Players

Engineering is a fun profession but it hasn’t always been that way. In the past, it used to be one of the worst professions in the game. Other than making a few rifles, goggles and bombs, you can’t do anything else with it.

Fortunately, Blizzard has been improving the profession. Their policy for Engineering is to allow players to craft new items for themselves and not really as a money making profession.

Players who go for engineering do it for the fun factor. Whether you want glove enhancements or a parachute, engineering has the modifications for them.

There are plenty of engineering leveling guides you can follow. An engineering leveling guide will tell you to go with mining as the supportive profession and that’s the right choice. Engineering requires a lot of ores and bars to level up so going with mining can help to offset some of the cost. Engineering sometimes does require other professional items such as leather or potions. However, those items are rare.

During skill levels 1-300, players do find some useful items they can create to help them level. For example, new goggles for their head slot, new cloak enhancements and sometimes a new rifle or two. But the most fun parts in engineering are the trinkets.

When you level up your engineering according to the engineering leveling guide, it will tell you that you need to choose between one of the two branches. What they don’t tell you is the differences between the two engineering paths offered.

Gnome engineering gives you a lot of gadgets to play with. If you ever want to be Inspector Gadget, then Gnome will give you lots of trinkets that do all sorts of funny things to your enemy and yourself.

Goblin engineering, on the other hand, is all about blowing things up. They have all sorts of bombs and ways to eliminate the enemy. Just be careful with the backfire from those bombs.

In fact, getting a backfire adds an extra spice to the game. You will never know when or where the trinket will malfunction and kill you instead. In that moment, you will be cursing the trinket, but it becomes an excellent conversation topic with your guild mates and friends.

Leveling up your engineering profession is not really hard with all the engineering leveling guides available on the Internet. With engineering specialization, there will be an engineering leveling guide that focuses on specialized items to help you level up. Other than that, they would just tell you to play using the general engineering items that are available to both specializations.